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14 Tonne HookLift Trailer

For the customer wanting the manoeuvrability of the 12 tonne unit but extra hook lifting capacity this hook trailer is the ideal choice. As standard the tilt hook tower with optimum length of hook containers 4500mm.
Key Points to compare before buying a 14 tonne hook trailer  
  • Hook trailer equipped with tandem sprung suspension for improved cargo ride at speed.
  • Hooklift Hydraulic rear clamp to secure the container to the chassis.
  • In cab operation with Hydraulic changeover between tipping and unloading hooklift containers.
  • Low angle when loading and unloading hook lift container.
  • Free hook trailer operating induction at Stronga UK for operators, improving safety.
Hook System Specification  
  • 14 tonne hook lift capacity.
  • Accepts CHEM Type 16 (4165 - 4500mm) hooklift containers.
  • Rear axle stabilisers.
  • Tilt hook lift tower.
  • 48° tipping angle.
  • Tandem high speed axles on the Trailer as standard with sprung multileaf suspension.
Optional Extras Available on this Hook Trailer  
  • Air braking system with auto brake actuators.
  • Dual air/hydraulic braking system, negative action.
  • 55 degree tipping angle optional.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic supply to the hook tower for powering equipment on the hook lift containers.